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Paket Jiwaquest Resort Karimunjawa

KARIMUNJAWA Archipelago - Magic be its pristine atmosphere from the fine golden sand beaches, lagoons, mangrove forest, bicycling paths, and faunal-floral trekking. Come, permeate in the turquoise realm of dolphins and corals between gemstone sieving, shipwreck dives and BBQ’s on virgin islands (as if on one's own backyard)." Nyla Within lacings of its twenty-six-sister islands in the archipelagic Java Sea, of which twenty-two are protected marine national park, secluded Karimunjawa is enriched and preserved to be one of the best dive haven in the world. The extensive fringing, barrier and patchy coral reefs shelter a wealth of species, many entirely unique and indigenous; Indono 1955 ship sinkage remains an unnamed ancillary for abundant sea-life, thus facilitating superb dives.

An ideal place for your honeymoon, family gatherings, or just with a group of friends to get away from the hustle and bustle; we are confident you will find rest and relaxation while enjoying the personal attention of our staff.
Our resort comprise a beautiful wooden house with her Suite & seafront studio, charming bungalows, villas and family house, sprinkled around our land overlooking our lagoon.

For activities, we offer "High end camping" on several of the 24 islands of the archipelago, “kayak hiking” around the main island, “islands hopping” with dinghies (3.5 m), “big game fishing”,  in the Java sea along with traditional water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and Jungle/ Mangrove Treking, etc...


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